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AppThemes has a current theme count at 9.  Each of their themes cater to a specific need.  There is a theme to create sites for job posting, micro-task, business directory, coupons, customer feedback, quality control and for a freelance marketplace.  The prices for their themes all are the same and start at $99 for a Standard, $159 for Developer, $250 for a club pack, and $349 for a club developer pack.  The price is the same for classified ads theme to create a site like Kijiji - ClassiPress.  You can click here to learn more about ClassiPress and features available to create a classified ads website.

AppThemes Licenses

Standard License costs $99.  You get a lifetime license, unlimited websites, 12 months support, 12 months updates which means - you own the theme you download, you can create as many websites as you want with the theme, 12 months of asking questions in the support forum or interacting with developers for questions you have with your site, and if there are any updates to the ClassiPress theme within 12 months, you will get those updates for free.  It will cost $29/year afterwards to get updates.

Developer License costs $159.  You get everything a Standard License has but on top you get all the photoshop .psd files.  That means you get all the images and creatives on ClassiPress and you are able to edit theme and modify to your liking.   If you don't use ClassiPress's existing images, you don't need to purchase the Developer license.  You can stick with the Standard.

Club Pack License costs $250.  You get everything a Standard License has plus you have access to download all current and future AppThemes built themes and all 23 Marketplace items.    This is valued at $1,400.  If you have ideas to create multiple different sites, like if you are thinking of creating a classified ads site like Kijiji and in the future creating a coupon website and a job posting website, this is a great option for you.  

Club Developer License costs $349.  You get everything a Club Pack license gets plus all the photoshop .psd files.  If you plan to change the images on your site, you don't need to bother with purchasing the club developer license.   This license is valued at $1,800.

The main difference between the Standard and Developer is that the Developer provides the photoshop image files.

The main difference between a Standard and the Club Pack is that the Club Pack gives you access to download all AppThemes available themes - current and future.  

The main different between Developer and Club Developer Pack is that the Club Developer Pack gives provides all the photoshop image files for each theme.

Click here to visit AppThemes official page.  You can check out the themes available.   

ClassiPress Theme

ClassiPress Classified Ads THeme Like Kijiji

AppThemes offers the ClassiPress theme to help you create a classified ads website.  With this theme you can create a site like Kijiji, Craigslist, and OLX.  There are so many features available with ClassiPress, I think I will need a new page just to describe all features available for you to create a site like Kijiji with ClassiPress.  Click here to see all the features of ClassiPress.

AppThemes Coupons

Updated August 27, 2015 - Limited summer sale.  Use coupon code SUMMERSALE2015 to save 25% on all AppThemes products.

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